Phone is working!

Dial at will !

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Temporary phone number

315-520-3476 will be used for today.

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Restaurant phone is down…

I’m told they are trying hard to get it back up and running. I’ll check my restaurant and personal Facebook pages for requests and contact you back. We are open tonight @ 5:00. Should be near the restaurant all day if you’d like to stop for reservations for tonight or the rest of the week.

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Open Tonight @ 5:00

Tons of snow to play in! Take advantage. We are open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday @ 5:00, Saturday & Sunday @ 4:00. Please call for reservations 315-369-2001

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Gift Certificate can be mailed today!

Our gift certificates do not expire nor do they have a purchase date. 😉 in case you’re late or forgot there is no evidence…… Certificates are able to be mailed or available at Old Forge Liquors & Walt’s Diner if we are closed. We will be open Friday & Saturday 22nd & 23rd. Closed on Thursday 21st. We will reopen on Wednesday 27th through Sunday 31st. Please call for reservations 315-369-2001.

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